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About Bandoola Productions

We have completed a range of projects where we take on Executive Producer roles, sometimes formally, sometimes not.

We are more drawn to fact based stories and especially those with an historical element.  Our slate is closed to new investments and given so few films make money it most unlikely that we would offer to fund-raise even though that is a common request. 

From Simon Sole:

I had three related careers: military engineer/intelligence analyst, entrepreneur and finally film maker.  My time as a political intelligence analyst is firmly behind me but rather than shout at the TV I write this. Sometimes, I write film reviews like this one on Death of Stalin.  Hardly anyone reads the posts which is fine with me because the people whose opinions I respect do. 

Between 2002 and 2012 I founded and grew Exclusive Analysis (EA) a B -to-B publishing company which forecast and numerated political risks. EA's niche was very specific forecasts about world events. Client value came from data-rich pricing models for the insurance industry to which EA was the biggest provider of political intelligence. In 2012 Exclusive Analysis was acquired by IHS (now IHS/Markit who also own the Jane's brand) and I spent a happy year, splendidly titled, as The Senior Intelligence Advisor. 

I then founded Bandoola Productions to make independent films. In addition to running Bandoola Productions, I am a Non Executive Director at Lowe and Fletcher.  I invest in and/or advise, pro bono, a range of companies with digital offerings with scaleable subscription models like EA. Some of what I say about that is here. I take this blog more seriously. It offers some novel perspectives based on the mistakes l learned on my rather interesting journey. It seems odd not to share them. Main issues are commercial ie sales, marketing, business model. Also differentiating leadership and management.  Our two animated characters, Bandoola and Frog now help make bits of the the blog more fun.

I have degrees from RMCS (Maths and Physics); MA in War Studies from the University of Baluchistan (Pakistan) and an MPhil from Downing College, Cambridge in International Relations. 

Present hobbies include riding a BMW motorbike, cross country skiing and sculling. I split my time between Hereford and Chelsea. My Club is Sohohouse.