​​​​Bandoola Productions


Illustrators and Artists Wanted

Bandoola and Frog is a series of short animated clips designed to convey personal messages, such as "Get Well Soon" and "Happy Birthday". The character is fairly well established artistically i.e. we have a range of digital assets which we use for animations. Bandoola and Frog have gained 5000 'likes' on Facebook, but we are moving towards Instagram. Our needs are to provide more assets i.e. expressions to the animators. For example, we need a "Bandoola quizzical" asset.  

For Battle of Imphal we need art that depicts battle scenes. We are making a documentary and are presently working on a Pecha Kucha (think digital Ladybird book). The art is highly directed in order to illustrate particular events. The looks needs to be authentic since our audience, for example,  knows what a Japanese rifle looks like. We are open to a range of styles but the content must not shock even though it depicts a battlefield. 

In all cases we are paying for the work done and taking all rights in perpetuity.